L'Ybane New York

A refined restaurant with Mediterranean flavors in the Big Apple. If you are missing Mediterranean cooking and a romantic atmosphere, ever rarer in a great metropolis such as NY, L'Ybane New York is the ideal place where you can find them again.
Soft deep tones and candlelight will cunningly embrace you in a classy ambience, and the flavorsome Mediterranean cuisine will take you on a trip away from the usual US prepackaged taste sensations. Welcome to L'Ybane New York ...
NEWS : opening a neew restaurant in NY, please visit  www.lacarafenyc.com

Restaurant L’Ybane Nice / France / 1 Rue de la Liberté 06000 Nice / French Riviera T.: (00 33)4 93 16 26 26
Restaurant L’Ybane New York / USA / West side 709. / 8 Avenue 1 0036. / (Bet 44 & 45) Street. (212) 58 22 012   New York
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