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Technology Can Help Golf Courses Rebound part 2

Who needs a golf course?

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Posted: 05/06/2012 01:02:54 AM PDT

I read with interest and amusement the letter regarding development of Lagoon Valley (“Still opposed to Lagoon project,” May 1). The editor’s note indicated that the city of Vacaville and the developer agreed to swap 49 acres of hillside land intended for a future golf course for 80 acres of open space land.

A golf course?

Is our City Council aware that Solano and Napa counties are oversaturated with golf courses and that most, if not all, have experienced an annual decline in rounds of golf just about every year for the past four or five years? Many have experienced a 10 percent to 30 percent decline in rounds of golf and are operating in the red.

I know this because, as part of my job, I am responsible for managing the Napa Golf Course at Kennedy Park. Napa’s experience is not unique, but similar to just about all golf courses in the surrounding area, state and nation.

The problems with the current state of the golf industry are simple to comprehend but difficult to resolve. National statistics clearly show that fewer golfers are playing now, compared to five years ago.

Even fewer new golfers (junior golfers) are picking up the sport, which will result in even fewer golfers playing in the future. Nationally and locally, more golf courses are closing than being built. This trend started four years ago and continues today.

When was the last new golf course built in our area? Many years ago.

Economically, golf course operators have had to drop rates to attract new golfers.

Many also have had to resort to gimmicks: free breakfast, buy one round of golf and get the second free, pay the regular rate and get a free sleeve of golf balls, etc.

There is a finite number of golfers playing the sport and that number is diminishing.

The vast majority of golf courses are operating in the red. It’s even worse for publicly owned and operated municipal golf courses.

Many city councils have had to decide to subsidize their golf courses with general fund money while at the same time cutting staff and public services.

There has been an ongoing decline in golfers since the recession started around 2007.

For some golf courses to survive, others must fail. It’s rather simple math.

Neither the city of Vacaville nor Solano County needs another golf course. If anything, one, two or three golf courses in the area need to go out of business so the remaining courses can survive. I have little doubt that a new golf course built in Lagoon Valley will put local courses such as Green Tree, Paradise Valley and Rancho Solano in grave danger of going out of business

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Technology Can Help Golf Courses Rebound

When Jack Nicklaus, the man who has won more major golf championships than anyone in history and whose name is as synonymous with a sport as anyone in the world, can’t get his own grandchildren interested in golf, the game has some serious problems.
“I’ve got 22 grandkids, and they all play a little bit, I mean a little bit, really a little bit,” Nicklaus said during an appearance in February at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. “They play less than I do, and that’s not very much. Other sports are grabbing their attention.”

RocDocs: Find address, golf pro, rating and slope in an interactive map including nearly 100 local golf courses.

Golf is in a slump. It’s in a slump in Rochester, in the United States, and around the world, but it’s not just because kids are choosing lacrosse or soccer or PlayStation or Facebook, according to Nicklaus. Everyone seems to be choosing something else to do.

“What are the problems that we have with the game: Golf takes too long to play, it’s difficult, and it costs too much; those are the three major problems,” said Nicklaus, who is one of the faces of the PGA of America’s tremendously ambitious Golf 2.0 initiative designed to reinvigorate the game.

“Since 2006 we’ve lost 23 percent of the women in the game, and 36 percent of the kids. That to me is an astonishing number, that that many people have left the game of golf. How do we grow this game? How do we make it so that people want to go play?”

That usually is not a question that has to be asked in Rochester. We have long been considered one of the great golf cities in America, with a history that dates to golf’s very beginnings in this nation as the Country Club of Rochester was incorporated in 1895, yet even this hotbed has not been immune to the malaise that has plagued golf the past few years.

“It’s kicking my butt,” David Hill, owner of Twin Hills Golf Course in Spencerport, said of the flagging golf industry, which he estimates has cut his gross profit about 40 percent from the mid-1980s when all was good in golf, and in the economy.

Hill is not alone. Every segment — private, semi-private and public — is affected. There once was a time when several area private clubs had waiting lists because their memberships were full. Those are now nonexistent, and outside of upper-tier places like Oak Hill, CCR and Monroe, most of the other private clubs are dying for new members and have taken to either slashing or eliminating initiation fees to entice people.

“We’re in a time of transition,” said Sean Lalley, the new head professional at the private Mendon Golf Club. “A lot of the private clubs are looking for members, and it’s more of a cultural shift. As families are looking for group activities, golf clubs are looking for ways to adjust to that. It’s changed the last few years.

“In 2008 (when the economy really hit the skids) there was a lot of lost memberships. With everybody looking to keep an eye on their discretionary dollars and prioritize what they were doing, golf, for some, kind of fell by the wayside.”

It’s no different at the open-to-the-public venues.

“We’ve seen a little bit of a downturn, especially with corporate-related play,” said Mike Roeder, the general manager at Ravenwood Golf Club in Victor.

“That extracurricular stuff, it seemed like the economy tightened up on some companies and they couldn’t spend on those things. And overall, the business itself we certainly believe has been a little bit flat.”

Those who have played golf for a long time, the “core players” as Roeder calls them, remain passionate about the sport and are still out in full force. However, golf’s inability to retain the occasional player, and now its struggle to recruit new players, has created an odd business dilemma for area courses they probably never thought was possible in Rochester: Instead of not enough courses for too many players, it’s the opposite.

“In Rochester there’s a higher supply of golf courses than is needed for the demand of the golfers,” Roeder said, a point that Hill wholeheartedly seconded.

“It’s good news for the golfers, but not such great news for golf facilities.”

Not only has Twin Hills lost daily-fee golfers to the myriad courses available to play, Hill has been hit hard by the downfall of Kodak. In Kodak’s heyday, Twin Hills was the favorite course for the dozens of Kodak leagues that ran in the summer. Now, with the former photographic giant in bankruptcy and the workforce a shell of what it was, Hill said his family-founded, owned and operated facility is suffering.

“We were the Kodak blue-collar golf course, and almost every one of our leagues was a Kodak league way back,” Hill said. “We only have a few left with the retirees who kept going because they enjoy the course and getting out with their buddies.”

But the problems extend well beyond Kodak, Hill said. “When you’re looking at a pink slip, people are really cutting back. I don’t care what Washington tells us, this country is in a hole. It’s really scary. We’re noticing people are only playing once a week instead of twice or more. Even the seniors with their Social Security increase, it’s still tight.”

Of course, if Tiger Woods hadn’t crashed his Escalade and morphed from the cover of Golf Digest to the National Enquirer on Thanksgiving night 2010, perhaps none of this would have happened.

OK, maybe not, but there’s no denying the implosion of his personal life and the disappearance of his once-iconic game has had something to do with the sport’s plunging popularity.

“I think it hurts the awareness of golf,” Roeder said. “He puts golf in the public eye, the whole game, whether it’s the PGA Tour on TV or just the thought of golf.”

When Tiger won the 1997 Masters in record-setting fashion and announced to the world that whether you liked it or not, he was going to become the world’s most famous athlete and quite likely the game’s greatest player, the popularity of golf soared. All of a sudden because of Tiger, golf was cool, everyone wanted to play, and that meant they wanted to buy equipment, take lessons, join leagues at the local muni, or join posh country clubs.

Combine the Tiger phenomena with the raging dot-com bubble that sent the economy soaring into a new stratosphere and helped fuel a real estate market that sizzled with opportunity, and it was a perfect storm for the golf industry. New courses were being built — an amazing 400 in the year 2000 alone according to the National Golf Foundation — for all the new golfers, and it seemed there would be no end to the revolution.

Well, you know the rest of the story. The dot-com bubble burst, grandiose plans for golf courses tied to real estate deals crumbled, the cost of playing the game grew to outlandish levels, and people decided it was probably a better idea to spend the weekend working around the house, or going to their kids’ Little League games or other activities, rather than spend five hours plodding their way through an over-priced round of golf.

“I totally agree (that less people are playing golf),” said Sam Falzone of Walworth. “I think golf membership, historically, was a method of exclusion and you had to meet certain criteria to join a club. When membership dwindled off with the older members, there wasn’t an influx of younger people. And now, younger people have more things to do, they don’t have five hours to be on the course, they have families. Golf needs to be more inclusive and find ways to get families involved.”

In addition to the startling decline in people playing, the NGF reported that the number of operating golf facilities has shrunk every year since 2006. In 2011, there were 19 course openings around the country, but 157 closures.

Donald Trump, who recently purchased the famous Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Miami for $150 million out of bankruptcy, told, “They built too many courses during the Tiger Boom and now they’re closing and disappearing. At some point enough will disappear that golf will be a really good business.”

That may already be happening. Early 2012 figures indicate a rebound is in progress for the sport. With the country’s economy improving, and the unemployment rate taking a dip, people are getting back into the swing of things. Figures released by Golf Datatech LLC, which provides statistics on golf-related sales, shows the sales of equipment and apparel rose 1.3 percent in 2011 to $2.41 billion, ending a decline that started in 2007 when the industry peaked at $2.91 billion in sales.

“I haven’t noticed, but I’ll tell you why; my daughter, Amy, played college golf and just graduated from Radford University, so I’m around golf at the tournaments and I see a big influx of young women golfers,” said Jane McCollum of Pittsford.

However, McCollum, who plays in the Women’s RDGA events, did say that the organization this year waived its handicap requirement, meaning anyone can play in WRDGA events, regardless of handicap.

“There must be a decrease if they did that,” she said.

The road back has just begun, and like the Nicklaus grandchildren, the millions who have left the game need to be drawn back, and that is golf’s challenge moving forward.

“We have some leagues that are new with kids in their 20s, so that keeps me encouraged,” Hill said. “I’m not destitute yet.”


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Tips For Marketing With Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the most popular social media platforms out there. If you are not using it to promote your business, you are losing a lot. Tumblr is poised to grow even further after it was acquired by Yahoo. The platform is planning to place a priority on retaining its viability as a content channel. In fact, your brand can connect with the clients while telling them a story. This is why you need to take advantage of social media platform right now to market your business. Here are important tips for marketing with Tumblr.

The first thing to remember is to choose your format correctly when promoting your business on Tumblr. Photos are the best to tell the story of your business. In fact, photos are the most popular type of content on Tumblr. This is followed by GIF images, text, video, and audio formats. You should take this information to your advantage and post photos of your business on Tumblr. You should watch out for the content format that is mostly accepted by your Tumblr followers and promote such content over time. This is the best way to take your business to the next level using Tumblr.

Following your consumer is an important part of marketing with Tumblr. This shows that you are interested and listening to your clients at all times. This is important when promoting a brand on Tumblr. On Tumblr, whether or not to follow back your visitor is not that important. In fact, the default setting of Tumblr doesn’t show any following counts. Brands can follow back without having to worry about the numbers. This way you get to know your consumers and promote your content to them. You should allow the visitor to freely create drawings and images of your products. This will help foster a close bond between the company and your clients. This way you can increase the sales and conversions in the long run.

Another important tip is to prepare content that will help incite an emotional response from your consumer. It is easy to do this on Tumblr with photos and videos. This way you get to attract more targeted clients to your business in the long run. These are important tips to consider when marketing your business with Tumblr. It will help improve the sales, conversions, and profits of your business in the long run.

Tumblr has done wonders for companies like Patriot Air Phoenix HVAC located in Scottsdale AZ.


Choosing a Restaurant Place

Top Two Elements When Choosing Your New Restaurant Area. A quick food restaurant with sit down capabilities would work much better if you were in the middle of the organisation district where many of your traffic is lunchtime employees covering 2 shifts.

Near Hotels

You would want to open a walk-in, sit down, order, and eat dining establishment with a lounge if there are busy hotels within strolling range of your place. A quick food restaurant with a drive through makes the many sense if you are going to run exterior of a grocery shop and small services like it.

Location Aspects

The best way to go about choosing your location is to take a look at several locations before you narrow down your options. Once you have actually decided exactly what kind of dining establishment you will have and understand a website that has offered real estate, you might want to invest money on a site study to figure out these essential elements.

  • Exists enough regional population to supply a lot of foot traffic?
  • Is there enough area for a private parking area or is there sufficient regional parking?
  • Exist adequate services close by to offer a lunch crowd?
  • Exactly what are the regional zoning laws and how they will affect you?
  • Will you have enough room for large truck deliveries?
  • Does the area enable the sale of alcohol?

Walk-in Traffic

While all of these elements are essential, the two that are the most important is regional population and shipment. If there are no individuals living close enough to support your dining establishment throughout off hours, you will be combating an uphill battle. In this situation, you have to have the lunch crowd and huge weekends to make it through. Any dining establishment that can not make it through for several months without weekend traffic is in the incorrect place.

Delivery Space

You have to be able to back a semi truck into your lot in order to have the kind of deliveries that a hectic restaurant needs. You may desire to expand your dining establishment over the years, particularly if it is as effective as all restaurant owners dream their facilities will be.

Alcohol Sales

There are many cities in which the sale of alcohol is forbidden in particular parts of the city. Some states do not allow alcohol with numerous miles of a school. Having the ability to sell alcohol is a terrific draw for service. You can not have a romantic dinner for two without a great bottle of wine. Exactly what is an anniversary without a bottle of Champagne? Who wants to enjoy the very bowl in the dining establishment lounge without beer? These things are necessary to the success of a restaurant in the right area.

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Budget friendly WordPress Hosting

More than 74 million sites use WordPress. It is the leading content management system because it is simple to setup, upgrade and preserve. That’s why most online marketers and bloggers choose it for their website.

Every site requires a webhost

There are countless webhosts providing a range of services at a variety of prices. How do you select? Exactly what are the features to search for in a hosting company?

When deciding on the finest and most budget friendly WordPress hosting company, here are 6 essential features to look for.

1-Click Install – Installing WordPress should be easy. Ensure your host provides 1-click installation. At the best hosts, this quickly gives you access to over 150 ready-to-install apps, not just WordPress.

Unlimited Space – If you’re new to sites and WordPress, you may think unlimited space isn’t really required, that it’s for more experience and larger websites. Whatever your size, this is an outstanding feature to select. It implies you can submit whatever you need to notify and captivate your customers, without fretting about surpassing your use limits. Search for unlimited space integrated with unlimited information transfer, or bandwidth. This suggests that no matter how much information that is transferred to and from your web hosting account, you will not be charged additional for it. Think of it as an all-you-can-eat buffet. You’ll probably eat about the same amount you constantly do, however it sure feels good to know there isn’t anybody shaking a finger on your third trip through the dessert line. Space is key when you are using a great affordable SEO Phoenix company.

Improved cPanel – cPanel is the control panel for your web hosting account. It gives you a graphical user interface and a set of automation tools to manage your site. It can be complex to figure out. That’s why savvy website owners search for boosted cPanel from their web host. It lets you handle updates, files, e-mails, images and a range of other jobs simply and quickly.

Secure Email Accounts – Email is among the most vital part of every website. This makes it simple to interact with visitors, assembled an opt-in list and give you trustworthiness when you send out messages customers. Secure email accounts let you develop and handle IMAP and POP e-mail without the danger of hacking or viruses. Look for the capability to access them via webmail or your email client. The best web hosting let you develop limitless accounts.

Nightly Backups – Exactly what would happen if you lost all your data in your WordPress site? It’s too terrible to ponder. Nightly backups need to become part of your web hosting plan. That way you never have to stress. The current version of your site is constantly helpful.

Solid-State Drives – Web hosts are evaluated by their record for reliability. That’s why it is smart to pick a host that utilizes solid-state drives. They are not just the most reputable, they also use very quick page loads so your visitors will not have to wait wish for images to appear and downloads to complete when they use your website.

Select the Experts

The group at Salterra’s Affordable WordPress Hosting has a performance history of dependability, exceptional customer service and timely support. They understand ways to discuss intricate technical circumstances in words that blog writers and business owners comprehend.

The web-hosting infrastructure at Salterra’s is first rate, using the most recent innovation, including solid state drives utilizing SSD RAID-10 storage varieties. They use 1-click set up and boosted cPanel and can describe all of its functions to you.

Customers enjoy that backups occur instantly each night. They value the unlimited space, data transfer and secure e-mail accounts.

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Why You Need Local SEO Services?

SEO or search engine optimization is among the basic methods for a brand name to reach its target audience. Its significance to the online marketing landscape has overwhelming increase as competition ends up being tighter with more businesses in each industry making every effort to develop their name online. When selecting a partner to assist you with this, it will be best to get local SEO services from a reputable company.

In standard marketing where you physically transact with clients in person, your SEO is equivalent to getting a shop place close to the city with heavy foot traffic. This is important for your target market to know that you exist, and that are familiar with the services and products you offer, and reach out to them through your advertising efforts.

Essentially, it is important that the team you work with to work with you are visible to your target market, have sufficient knowledge and understanding of your target market. Those are among the most crucial things to think about in selecting your SEO service companies. If possible, go for local SEO services, they will have the knowledge of the area.

While SEO is a constantly altering disciplines and people from around the globe are participating in this kind of marketing and IT strategy, it is essential that your partners for the job know precisely what you desire and need. You can quickly interact the requirements of your organization and the technique you wish to use if you get local SEO services, instead of overseas.

Doing otherwise will cost you a great deal of time, and effort particularly if there is a language barrier and interaction costs for telephone expense. Regional personnel are also more well-informed about the ins and outs of business landscape in your location, in addition to what will be the appropriate steps to require to beat the competition.
Increasingly more organizations prefer to spend for local SEO services as they think about that this type of job requires a long-standing partnership. Note that SEO continuously introduces brand-new updates to systems and develops brand-new methods. It will be a waste to work with different groups for the exact same brand in time.

In the long run, creating a strong collaboration with a regional group who understands you organizations’ requirements can get you to more locations and help you accomplish your objectives within simply a brief period.
It will be more convenient for you to work with individuals whom you can easily gain access to, specifically if they also have the dedication to reach your set goals. You can save a lot of time and resources if you employ local SEO services.


Dining establishment Chef

Like every organization, starting a restaurant is focused on fulfilling consumer requirements and optimizing profits; unless you’re running a charity organization, then, well you can give out food accordance with your requirements of excellent. Charities enjoy good food though. Unlike any other businesses, everyone is specific about how they enjoy to have various kinds of meals: hamburgers, steak, shakes etc. This art needs expertise driven by enthusiasm. To work with a fantastic chef is all it requires to keep the customers gathering back day in and out.

A chef is like no other human being and has to be able to work around and with people conveniently. Let’s take an oven timer for circumstances, if you one were to disregard timeliness most likely they’ll end up with burnt food.

To employ a great chef is to discover all about their education back ground and get notified on their experiences. A skilled chef offers a better shot at a brand-new restaurant business compared to the not.

Cooking abilities. This is all a chef is going to do and they need to be terrific at it. Understanding of what to cook in different seasons, and depending on the requirements of the hotel is essential. Attracts different clients at numerous times. A great chef must be able to choose components by themselves. That way they understand the “secret” to every meal. Therefore the uniqueness is the best.

To make revenues, a great chef ought to be able to work with what has actually been offered and fit in the budget. Gets the approximate amounts right to prevent too much left over at the end of the day that sums up to wastage and loss.

Last but not least, every terrific chef has fantastic management abilities. To work with a great chef, they must have leadership capabilities.

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Affordable Web Design for Small Businesses

6 Ways to Save on Affordable Web Design for a Small company

When it comes to website design, lots of small companies are short on spending plan. Investing on a responsive and evergreen site can be a costly endeavor. To start with a lower threat, every entrepreneur must find methods to save money on website design and advancement.
These 6 tips can give you a running start:

1. Think about utilizing a template.

A conversation about affordable web design for small company is not total without templates. Some sites offer completed templates for homepages. These are usually cheaper than the customized ones because you have less control over the design. Logo designs, names and other important information are normally just superimposed on these copyrighted images.
This is advised for small companies that are on the first stage of developing their online presence.

2. Order design templates from freelancers.

Great deals of entrepreneurs have currently been outsourcing their website design needs to freelancers working halfway around the world. These freelancers offer inexpensive website design for small business as they charge per task or per hour depending upon the negotiation. The bottom line is that you get to save a lot by spending for what you just require.
Dealing with private freelancers includes larger security threat, so it’s much better to request recommendations from buddies.

3. Utilize complimentary plugins.

Lots of small businesses tend to spend for premium plugins (specifically for WordPress users) when they begin a site, thinking that these are more functional and trusted. This is generally the case 5 years earlier, but not anymore.
Since this is a practical method for designers and web designers to promote their premium items and services, Free plugins are becoming more competitive nowadays. A number of them feature premium versions of course, but for now, totally free must be adequate.
In fact, companies that provide cost effective website design for small business typically use totally free plugins for their clients.

4. Avail of totally free software application and web tools.

They obviously offer less versatility, fewer functions and fewer innovations when compared with their premium counterparts. Nevertheless, there is truly nothing much to do when a small company is just starting to develop their own site. Contrary to popular belief, the web design does not need to be made complex and totally functional at the early stages since leads are still being generated and indexing might take months.
You can use the thousands of dollars that you will spend on the business plans of software on lead generation and digital marketing as they are more important at this phase.

5. Search for totally free estimates.

Scottsdale web design provides budget-friendly web design for a small company also typically offer free price quotes without any strings connected. Take advantage of these offers just so you can compare evaluations and rates, and learn which aspects of your site need focus and which services are required to match your digital marketing techniques.

6. Optimize website for mobile usage.

Many little services commonly dedicate the mistake of optimizing their website for desktop use before enhancing it for mobile use. That is a bigger and more costly issue than having to look for a budget-friendly web design for little organisation


It is a fact that there are so many positive things that technology has brought about in people’s lives these e days. Though there are also those times when it gets a bad reputation when it comes to leading people towards some scary path, as in the case of identity theft or the possibility of predators lurking around, it is also a fact that it has offered a lot of positives along the way. It has helped in streamlining schedules, simplifying home and work businesses, even coordinate activities and even more.

In these days, technology is seen as something that can offer families such a wide variety of tools that can be used to prevent blunders, increase the line of communications, and make it easier for people to reach loved ones and communicate with them- something that used to be just a dream before.

Below we list down some of the things that technology has brought about in people’s lives.

Helps in coordinating schedules: People can now access online calendars to make sure that schedules are coordinated. The fact that it can also be accessed by a variety of devices means that one can be on the PC or on the phone and he gets to check the information without any hassle.

Cell phones make communications easier and faster: In the past, people would have to deal with having to rely on the land line to call people. Now, getting to know what is going on with your loved ones as they head to the park or they go grocery shopping or they go on vacation is easier. You get to call them as fast as you can if you want to and they can update you with what it going on. In fact,technology has made the world a lot smaller.

It is more convenient to pay bills: In the past, people would have to suffer themselves in long queues to wait for their turn to get their bills paid. Today, they can be done from the comfort of one’s home. Online banking and online bills payment have made the lives of working men a lot more convenient and easy.

Checking the weather is made easy: If you are planning this trip and are concerned about the kind of weather that might greet you as you are pulling the car out of the garage, you can check out weather apps that can make week-long forecasts so you would know what to bring, how it dress, and whether to push through with the plan or not since it can predict possible weather disturbances too.

Great advantages in various industries

If there is one thing that can be used to describe technology, it is efficiency. As more and more developments are rolled and new inventions are introduced, it is becoming clearer that the licenses of the people working in various industries are made easier and more convenient with the presence of these new inventions.

Every new machine that comes out is aimed towards making it more efficient for people to do whatever it is that they have to do. They can do their jobs faster and better. They can produce more quality results as well. Procedures that used to require several people can now be done with fewer thanks to the presence of devices that are meant to streamline processes.

It has offered cost efficiency as well. The businessmen that are hoping to get more returns without a lot of monetary input, this is indeed good news. While it does come sometimes at the price of workers not getting more value off of their efforts, it is without a doubt that the presence of new technology is indeed helping make a lot of people’s lives easier and more convenient today.